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Essential Escapes

  • Creative Intuition Workshop

    2017-04-30 10:00 to 15:00
    Event Details

    An Interdisciplinary Approach to Cultivating A Career in the Arts

    Explored Through the Metaphor of Alchemy Combining a wide collective of philosophies on developing creativity, from neuroscientific theories discussing the role of the visual cortex in exercising our artistic abilities, to somatics in the Eastern connection between the mind and body explored through Chakra support, this intensive seminar seeks to identify the basic tools for a thriving career in the creative arts, and adapting these skills to each participant.

    The Alchemy begins with a group of women coming together from unique origins, and through a process of sharing our creative experience in space and time, transforming into a Soror Mystica, the ancient term used to refer to the feminine friend or group that will witness and share the mystical transformation which is Alchemy.

    Alchemists use the term Alembic to describe the sacred vessel in which the transformation of elements occur; so while it's by no haphazard accident that this exciting event is hosted by Essential Elements Spa in McKinleyville, each participant will take with them a handmade crystal Alembic, created by local artist Amelia Mosher of Sexi Seaweed, which we will finish by filling with flowers, crystals, essential oils - each representing an essential element in the making of the Elixir of Life, the sacred potion known to early alchemists as the Philosopher's Stone, which grants everlasting life, and commemorates graduation into the realm of the spririt-led career.


    Sunday April 30th 10am-3pm

    Essential Elements Spa 1639 Central Avenue